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 ...to the website of Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church, Livonia, MI. The parish is in the Diocese of the Midwest of the Orthodox Church in America. We hope that you will visit us and find us to be a warm, friendly, and loving parish. You can obtain information about our parish services, ministries and events by clicking on the appropriate links on this page.

Quotes from the Fathers

For neither am I leading thee to the lofty peak of entire poverty but for the present I require thee to cut off superfluities and to desire a sufficiency alone. Now the boundary of sufficiency is the using those things which it is impossible to live without. No one debars thee from these; nor forbids thee thy daily food. I say food, not feasting; raiment, not ornament. Yea rather, if one should enquire accurately, this is in the best sense feasting. For, consider. Which should we say more truly feasted, he whose diet was herbs, and who was in sound health and suffered no uneasiness: or he who had the table of a Sybarite, and was full of ten thousand disorders? Very plainly the former. Therefore let us seek nothing more than this, if we would at once live luxuriously and healthfully: and let us set these boundaries to sufficiency.... For we do not advise these things, to kill and injure men but to cut off what is superfluous; and that is superfluous which is more than we need. For when we are able even without a thing to live healthfully and respectably, certainly the addition of that thing is a superfluity. 

~ St. John Chrysostom (Homily on 2 Cor 9.6ff)

Schedule of Services

(please always consult the parish calendar for specifics) 


Great Vespers and confessions: 5pm


Church School (Sept. - May): 9:00am

Divine Liturgy (Sept. - May): 10:00am

Divine Liturgy (June - August): 9:00am


Vespers: 6:30pm


Divine Liturgy: 7am

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